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1 Month with Kairetool™

you'll see real, lasting results using your kairetool™ consistently for just 1 month. let's break down your transformation day-by-day.

healthy flush

upon 1st use of the kairetool, you may experience some slight discomfort & skin flush. don't worry – the skin flush is the result of toxins being drawn to the skin's surface where they can be filtered by the body's lymphatic system. after 1st use, allow 7 days to pass for toxins to completely exit the body. make sure to stay hydrated while detoxing!

day 1

results begin

after 7 days using the kairetool, you'll see skin tone & clarity begin to improve, rough & lumpy skin begin to appear smoother, & areas with troublesome fat begin to appear slimmer & more defined. continue use consistently for best results. you can do it!

day 7

seeing it, feeling it

after 14 days using the kairetool, you will start to see noticeable results. your skin will appear smoother, More contoured, & less puffy. the appearance of cellulite & troublesome fat will start to fade from problem areas. you will look & feel healthier as accumulated toxins leave the body.

day 14

smooth new you

after 30 days (1 month) with the kairetool, those around you will take notice. your face & body will appear visibly smoother, brighter, & tighter. you will experience a boost in physical & mental energy like never before. allow 7 days to pass for toxins to fully exit the body. repeat days 1-30 until your desired results are achieved. welcome to the smooth new you!

day 30

"The Kairetool works effectively to reduce fine lines, wrinkles & depuffs quicker than any tool I've used "

Dr. Christopher Asandra, MD

Reduces appearance of cellulite

take the fight to cellulite. the Kairetool reduces the appearance of cellulite on your stomach, thighs, & butt. subcutaneously stimulate deep tissue collagen fibers that cause cellulite without the need for knives & needles.

sculpts Skin & detoxes deep Tissue

detox, not botox. the Kairetool detoxifies deep tissue using natural heat & friction, drawing toxins to the skin's surface for easy filtration by the body's lymphatic system, similar to the ancient eastern medical technique of "wet cupping."

Reduces appearance of stubborn fat

watch stubborn fat fade away. using the Kairetool to contour skin, giving you the appearance of slimmer stomach & more defined hips & obliques. no gym membership required.

Reduces appearance of fine lines & aging

1 month using the Kairetool can take years off your appearance. watch wrinkles shrink & fine lines fade around your forehead, cheeks, eyes, & jawline.

reduces Appearance of Facial puffiness

had enough with the puff? the Kairetool noticeably reduces facial puffiness & redness by getting rid of accumulated toxins & fluids retained in the face.

frequently asked questions

you've got questions, we've got answers
What is the Kairetool? How is it unique?
The Kairetool is an innovative take on traditional beauty rollers. Cut from hypoallergenic, surgical-grade stainless steel, our patent-pending design offers an all-in-one tool to detox, sculpt, & smooth your body's problem areas at home or on-the-go. We're out to change the skincare world, combining the wisdom of ancient eastern medicine with the technology of the 21st century.
What is your return policy?
We provide a 90-day return policy on all of our tools. If you're unhappy with your Kairetool in any way, please contact us for a prepaid return label, no questions asked. Keep it only if you love it! ❤
How do I use the Kairetool?
You can use the Kairetool anywhere on your face or body. The Kairetool works over clothing, on bare skin, & combined with your favorite skincare products. You can even store the Kairetool in your refrigerator to keep it cool to the touch. See Our Tutorials for more information on how to use your Kairetool.
How often should I use the Kairetool?
You can use the Kairetool from as little as a few minutes a day to as long as a few hours a day for serious sculpting sessions. Make sure to drink plenty of water & stay hydrated while detoxing!
Who should / should not use the Kairetool:
Children, pregnant women, individuals with epilepsy, active cancer, metal allergies, or implanted electronic devices should not use the Kairetool. Consult with your physician before using the Kairetool. Please refer to our Terms of Service for a full list of disclaimers.

"Discreetly roll away facial puffiness while sitting at the desk."

New Beauty magazine

4.8 out of 5.0 stars

Olga Urbanolvich,
Personal Trainer

"When I got this product, I spent some time to practice on face, arms, belly. Immediately my face feels very smooth and moisturized. My face looks brighter and tighter. I like this product and believe it can help improve skin healthy in daily basis."

Ben West,
Traveling Nomad

"Highly recommend Kairetool for everyone! 12 hours a day of work staring at a computer made my neck and lower back very stiff. I used to spend hundreds of dollars on chiropractors and massages to release all the tension in my body. With my Kairetool, I can workout all my knots at home."

Thenia Karavasili,
New Mom

"I suffer from chronic shoulder and back pain from not having good posture and this tool has literally helped with relieving the pressure of it. Much better than me having to drive to my massage place weekly and it gets the job done because I can have the tool with me everywhere I go."

Adriana Kucia,
Travel Influencer

"Well, what can I say? This tiny tool is actually amazing because, for such small prongs, they can actually target bumps and a weird grainy texture that usually getting a massage doesn't reach. I love using it at the end of the day on the soles of my feet and it is amazing."