Selfkaire For Your Self Care

July 30th, 2019

Selfkaire For Your Self Care.

Cellulite. It sounds like a cartoon villain, or a brand of soda you’d never drink. You’ve heard it by other, less flattering names, too: orange peel, hail damage, cottage cheese.If you have it, you’re not alone. Nearly 90% of women past the age of 30 have cellulite on their bodies.

Many founder stories are birthed from a need to source a product that doesn’t yet exist. What were you looking to heal in yourself?

Selfkaire was created out of necessity — after working exhausting, sedentary, 80-100+ hour weeks, which resulted in a host of health issues. I suffered from severe lymphedema in my legs (I couldn’t even put on boots at the end of the day), constant lung infections, and sickness from eating everything outside of a piece of lettuce. Doctors told me to keep a food diary, elevate my legs, but to generally just “accept it” because I was genetically predisposed. A doctor actually proposed shooting botox in my calf and said it was very pricey ($6k+) and I would have to re-up constantly. That’s when I had it. I went to see my family’s Eastern medicine practitioner who scrubbed me for 4-5 hours, then wet cupping, which consisted of being poked with a needle and then cupped, which pulled stagnant blood, water and air from my body. When I was through, the practitioner said I had the body of a 60-70 year old, with considerable heavy metal toxicity. After 8+ years of research, I finally developed a tool that took the place of this time-laden practice and healed myself in the process.

Selfkaire is deeply rooted in ancient Eastern medicine. What specific Eastern practices helped to mold your tools’ purposes?

Eastern medicine is rooted in the belief that your systems and organs are interconnected, and your lymphatic system plays a core part in making sure everything is functioning — and detoxing — as it should. Those toxins you can’t process out get imbued into your deep tissue (oldest, most painful toxins are closest to the bone), and can potentially lead to the appearance of cellulite, stubborn fat, bulky muscles, swollen lymphs. The Selfkaire tool efficiently processes toxins in the quickest manner possible.

Why surgical steel?

Honestly, jade rollers squeak, and most of them made of plastic with potentially rusting metal. I wanted to use the most hypoallergenic material possible so this tool can last a lifetime. If it’s good enough for surgery, it’s good enough for my customers. Believe me, precision cutting surgical steel for those diamond facets is hard work!

Can you share with us 3 universal ways to use your Kairetool?

Use it all over your body and face. If it feels sore and starts to turn a healthy flush, Eastern medicine dictates toxins are in place so you should focus on those areas. Processing out the toxins helps you retain less fluid, which is how you get the sculpting effect.Use it all over your chest, arm pits and back of knees! This is the core of your lymphatic system and to make sure it flushes properly, the tool needs to get rid of any blockage you have there.Use it post-workout on your aching/strained muscles — it’s basically a foam roller on steroids (but much smaller in size).

How does Selfkaire affect the lymphatic system?

Ideally, Selfkaire’s facial tool draw out toxins and expedites lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. From just one use, you may notice a flush in your skin — that shows it’s working!

The benefits of jade and rose as toppers?

We meticulously source our authentic crystals and vet each one. If you already own a jade or rose roller, you can actually flip it over to the crystal side and use it as a roller that 1. doesn’t squeak 2. has high quality authentic crystals and 3. surgical steel so it doesn’t rust. Our rollers are ergonomically designed by engineers who’ve worked on Apple products, so what more can you ask for?

Your top 5 wellness tips:
Do what makes you happy — your mental capacity affects your body in more ways than you know.

2. Keep your body happy. Know you can search for alternative methods to do so.

3. Only surround yourself with people who contribute happiness to your life.

4. As you can see, I haven’t quite touched on the topic of food or alcohol (because I am a cake and wine monster) but make sure you properly detox (especially with the tool) afterwards.

5. When you’re not feeling ok, admit it. Then take some time off. Go to Cancun. Disassociate from those causing you pain.