hi cuties 🍊

Help your deep tissue feel detoxified ☠️... no juice cleanse, diet or workout can reach it.

When you permanently feel detoxed, you stop retaining that extra fluid 💧 which is how you get that contour, sculpting effect.

We're efficient, effective, fast and not from grandma's vanity 👵. Modern babes #takekaire.

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  • "Most of us battle cellulite and just learn to live with it. Selfkaire helps stimulate circulation, detox the tissue and keep your skin healthy. And you can take it on the go!"
  • "Got cellulite? Join the club. Minimize it by helping plump cells, smooth dimples and facilitate lymphatic drainage. Kairetool gets deeper into the tissue to get the most of our your sessions."
  • "Want instant glow? Need to relax? Need to depuff? Boost circulation and trigger acupressure points to relieve tension. This new gadget is a serious skin saver."
  • "Stimulates lymph, relaxes facial muscles to detox, increase circulation, product penetration, stimulate collagen production & cellular turnover. Immediately reducing puffy eyes, contouring, lifting, & reducing acne."
  • "Discreetly roll away facial puffiness while sitting at the desk and works double duty as a scalp massager" - NEWBEAUTY Dream Team
  • "#TRIBEGOALS Long weekend plans? What about that downtime? We plan on packing the Kairetool as we disconnect from our day to day and get back into sync - mind, body and soul."

Ditch your Jade Roller, Gua Sha, Dry Brush & Foam Roller 🗑

Our multi-purpose tool gives you a deep tissue massage & acupressure point detox (with very little effort). Flip over to use as a normal roller. 

Improve lymphatic & blood circulation, break up fascia, sooth aching muscles, get the best stretch of your life! Travel-friendly.