best practices

Let's look at how to use your Kairetool.

tips n' tricks

general use

you can use the Kairetool anywhere on your face or body. for best results, use daily for at least 1 month, spending 15 minutes per problem area per day. when using the Kairetool, apply pressure as you would during a normal massage. avoid sensitive & wounded areas. take a break & allow your body 1-2 weeks to fully detox. remember to stay hydrated!

Target stubborn fat, cellulite, & puffiness on all your problem areas
Glide or press down & knead the Kairetool on problem areas
Use on bare skin, over clothing, or with oils & lotions
tips n' tricks

Face, Back & Shoulders

grace your face. You can use the Kairetool anywhere on your face, including your jawline, cheeks, chin, & forehead. the Kairetool can be used with any skincare oils or masks. press & knead the Kairetool along the neck, under the eyes, & behind the ears. release jawline tension by rolling the Kairetool along the tendons in the jaw.

Use the Kairetool with any skincare oils or masks
Perform small rotations with the Kairetool to avoid tugging on the skin
For Jewel Kairetools, flip over to use top as traditional jade or rose quartz roller
tips n' tricks

Legs, Thighs & Butt

Use the Kairetool to target cellulite, rough skin, & troublesome fat anywhere on your legs, thighs, & butt. sit on a couch or chair with your legs in front of you. glide the Kairetool in an up-down motion over the thighs. roll the Kairetool in the hip flexor area, along the butt, & along the inner thighs. don’t forget the feet! roll the Kairetool along the footbed for extra relief.

Sit with legs crossed or extended outward
Roll the Kairetool behind the knees to target lymph nodes
Roll the Kairetool along the two tendons extending from the back of the knee

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"The Kairetool aids circulation, stimulates collagen production, & increases cellular turnover."

Dr. Melinda Woodhouse

Celebrity Esthetician

frequently asked questions

you've got questions, we've got answers
What is the Kairetool? How is it unique?
The Kairetool is an innovative take on traditional beauty rollers. Cut from hypoallergenic, surgical-grade stainless steel, our patent-pending design offers an all-in-one tool to detox, sculpt, & smooth your body's problem areas at home or on-the-go. We're out to change the skincare world, combining the wisdom of ancient eastern medicine with the technology of the 21st century.
What is your return policy?
We provide a 90-day return policy on all of our tools. If you're unhappy with your Kairetool in any way, please contact us for a prepaid return label, no questions asked. Keep it only if you love it! ❤
How do I use the Kairetool?
You can use the Kairetool anywhere on your face or body. The Kairetool works over clothing, on bare skin, & combined with your favorite skincare products. You can even store the Kairetool in your refrigerator to keep it cool to the touch. See Our Tutorials for more information on how to use your Kairetool.
How often should I use the Kairetool?
You can use the Kairetool from as little as a few minutes a day to as long as a few hours a day for serious sculpting sessions. Make sure to drink plenty of water & stay hydrated while detoxing!
Who should / should not use the Kairetool:
Children, pregnant women, individuals with epilepsy, active cancer, metal allergies, or implanted electronic devices should not use the Kairetool. Consult with your physician before using the Kairetool. Please refer to our Terms of Service  for a full list of disclaimers.