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Maintain Results

Using the kairetool™ for just 30 days will eliminate deep-seated toxins in the body. New toxins that enter the body will become easier for your body to eliminate after the preliminary 30-day trial period. Maintain your results by using the kairetool™ on your problem areas for a few minutes each day.

Eliminate new toxins that enter body

Spend a few minutes on problem areas per day and allow 7 days to pass for full detox.

Maintain results & lymphatic health

Cellulite Reduction in 1 Day

Reduces cellulite in 1 day

Perfect for emergency makeovers

Instantly improves skin tone & clarity

Instantly improves skin tone & clarity

"[The kairetool™] stimulates circulation, detoxes tissue, & keeps skin healthy."

Dr. Jame Heskett

Celebrity MD

frequently asked questions

you've got questions, we've got answers
What is the kairetool™? How is it unique?
The kairetool™ is an innovative take on traditional beauty rollers. Cut from hypoallergenic, surgical-grade stainless steel, our patent-pending design offers an all-in-one tool to detox, sculpt, & smooth your body's problem areas at home or on-the-go. We're out to change the skincare world, combining the wisdom of ancient eastern medicine with the technology of the 21st century.
What is your return policy?
We provide a 45-day return policy on all of our tools. If you're unhappy with your kairetool™ in any way, please contact us for a prepaid return label, no questions asked. Keep it only if you love it! ❤
How do I use the kairetool™?
You can use the kairetool™ anywhere on your face or body. The kairetool™ works over clothing, on bare skin, & combined with your favorite skincare products. You can even store the kairetool™ in your refrigerator to keep it cool to the touch. See Our Tutorials for more information on how to use your kairetool™.
How often should I use the kairetool™?
You can use the kairetool™ from as little as a few minutes a day to as long as a few hours a day for serious sculpting sessions. Make sure to drink plenty of water & stay hydrated while detoxing!
Who should / should not use the kairetool™:
Children, pregnant women, individuals with epilepsy, active cancer, metal allergies, or implanted electronic devices should not use the kairetool™. Consult with your physician before using the kairetool™. Please refer to our Terms of Service for a full list of disclaimers.