Stay At Home Self-Care: 5 Ways to Use the kairetool™ in Quarantine

April 15, 2020

Stay Home Self-Care: 5 Ways to Use the kairetool™ in Quarantine

The coronavirus, which causes the disease known as COVID-19, has changed daily life for millions of people worldwide. With over 1,136,851 confirmed cases and “shelter-in-place” orders from federal and state governments, thousands of public-facing businesses like restaurants, bars, malls, and gyms have been forced to temporarily shut their doors as populations work to flatten the curve. 

While COVID-19 is certainly a major buzzword and buzz-kill (especially with all the bars closed), there is a silver lining to our quarantine time: we now have more time to exercise, meditate, read, cook, and, of course, binge-watch Netflix shows and spend countless hours on social media (let’s be honest). 

But with gyms, spas, salons, and other self-care locations closed, you might find yourself wondering how you’re going to get the self care and physical therapy you need when you’re stuck at home. That’s where we come in.

Featured in Marie Claire and Buzzfeed, the kairetool™ is making waves in the beauty industry as a powerful anti-aging, fat-fighting device recommended by anti-aging specialists including Dr. Christopher Asandra.

We developed the kairetool™ specifically for at-home or on-the-go DIY self-care and physical therapy for days you’re stuck at home, office, in the car, on the plane, or anywhere else you need a boost of energy and wellness. Here are 5 ways to use the kairetool™ while you stay at home.

Morning Facial De-Puff

Let’s face it: our faces don’t look their best in the mornings. Whether it’s a lack of restful sleep, too many quarantine martinis, or the sodium in the ramen we ate, the face can end up retaining fluids that are full of toxins, bacteria, viruses, and proteins, causing skin to look red, dull, puffy, and bloated.

Morning puffiness is caused when the lymph nodes in your face become obstructed, creating a blockage of waste fluid that builds up subdermally and makes you look and feel groggy and gross. The kairetool™ works by massaging and stimulating your deep tissue. Our patented design uses the natural heat and friction of acupressure and massage to promote lymphatic drainage.

The kairetool™ enhances proper blood circulation and moves waste fluids through your lymphatic system, eliminating toxins and fluids from the face for a de-bloated, de-puffed look while diminishing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and eye bags.

Post-Workout Lactic Acid Break Up

So you’re done with your daily quarantine workout. You were feeling the burn during the workout, but now you’re really feeling it after. Your muscles feel sore, tense, and uneven. You might not realize it, but you’re probably suffering from the symptoms of lactic acid buildup, or lactic acidosis. 

When there’s not enough oxygen in the muscles to break down glucose and glycogen for metabolization, lactic acid buildup starts to occur, causing exhaustion, cramps, pain, headaches, and more.

The kairetool™ allows you to massage sore, tired muscles and break up lactic acid in your deep tissue. Our patented design gives you all the benefits of a traditional foam rollers while allowing you to spot treat your problem areas. Simply knead and press the kairetool™ into sore and strained areas to break up lymph and lactic acid, restore blood flow, and feel amazing.

Gym-Free Toning and Sculpting

No gym? No problem. The kairetool™ allows you to sculpt and tone your body from the comfort of your home. Eliminate cellulite and troublesome fat, tone muscles around bone lines, and slim, sculpt, and contour your body from head to toe.
While diet and exercise are the two most common ways to fight cellulite and troublesome fat, they don’t get to the root of the issue. As we age, collagen, the main protein of our connective tissues, begins to harden. This causes exhausted collagen fibers to push against the epidermis, causing the visible “dimpling” effect we see.
The kairetool™ allows you to deeply stimulate the exhausted collagen fibers that cause the appearance of cellulite while stimulating collagen production and cellular turnover to give you a smoother, younger, more sculpted appearance. The kairetool™ increases blood flow so your muscles receive more oxygen and nutrients, helping you sculpt and tone without the gym membership.
Total Body Detox
Did you know that your body stores heavy metal toxins from the food you eat, the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the jewelry you wear? Metals like mercury, cadmium, lead, and arsenic slowly bioaccumulate in your body over the years, with the most harmful toxins residing close to the bone. Yikes.
These toxins poison the enzymes that produce energy and create cell structures, inhibiting hemoglobin production and lowering the body’s ability to prevent the free-radical damage that causes aging. Double yikes.
As we age, our bodies gradually lose their ability to filter out these toxins, causing a range of health issues including fatigue, depression, lymphedema, thyroid disruption, cell membrane damage, weaker bones, and even DNA damage. This heavy toxic load in the body gets harder to detoxify over time. So what can we do?
The kairetool™ allows you to restore your detox pathways, the lymphatic system, using natural acupressure and massage to stimulate white blood cell production and enhance capillary flow, delivering oxygen and nutrient-rich red blood cells to your tissues, muscles, and organs while eliminating carbon dioxide and waste.
Naturally build  up the immune system, fight infection, reduce swelling in joints, relieve stress, increase energy, and get better looking skin, hair, and nails. Not bad for something that fits in your purse.

At-Home Face and Body Massage
Many of us working from home during the pandemic are forced to sit around in our PJs all day waiting for our spotty Zoom calls to buffer. Yawn. Why not take a couple minutes wherever you’re doing your work to give yourself a spa-worthy massage.
Think about all the neglected parts of your body dying for a massage. Your scalp, feet, ankles, hands and face are all crying out for a nice rub. Simply knead and press the kairetool™ into sore or neglected areas to give yourself a simple DIY massage using just one hand (you can keep texting with the other).
Reduce stress, lower blood pressure, promote muscle relaxation and circulation, fight headaches, relax hair follicles and strengthen the immune system while you do work or browse Amazon for Clorox Wipes and hand sanitizer.
Stay Home with the kairetool™
While we’re living through these crazy and uncertain times, we can always count on daily acts of self care to keep us centered, focused, and energized. Make self care a part of your daily routine with the kairetool™. Stay healthy, happy, and sane while you stay at home. At Selfkaire, we encourage you to take the time each day to #takekaire.